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Awasome Southern Lawn Maintenance Schedule Ideas

Awasome Southern Lawn Maintenance Schedule Ideas. States with warm season lawns include: Pay close attention to containers as they tend to become waterlogged.

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Best time of year to start a new lawn and/or overseed you lawn. It is common for grass to grow tall at the end of winter and early spring as temperatures get warmer. Kick off the growing and mowing season with a quick spring cleaning.

Southern Lawns Is A Lawn Care Team Who Cares About You, Your Lawn, And Your Specific Needs.

Weed control to all turf areas with root development fertilizer; Take annual soil samples in any trouble areas. Overseeding a cool season lawn can help fill in bare patches and make thin turf thicker.

Around The Middle Of March Is The Ideal Time To Aerate The Lawn By Spiking With A Motorised Spiker Fitted With Slit Or Knife Blades, Or By Hand Forking, Then.

Bring your mower in for service in early spring; Feed according to the fertilizer package instructions throughout the summer. Keep the mower on a higher setting and mow at the same frequency.

Kick Off The Growing And Mowing Season With A Quick Spring Cleaning.

Whenever you are conducting a monthly lawn maintenance, always remember these 6 steps. Warm season grasses thrive in warm humid and warm arid areas of the country where the temperatures stay around 85 to 90 degrees during the majority of the growing season. If you live in the south and southwest, you are most likely dealing with a warm season lawn.

It Is Common For Grass To Grow Tall At The End Of Winter And Early Spring As Temperatures Get Warmer.

For purposes of this publication,. Kill existing weeds with weed & feed while feeding the lawn at the same time. Rake up matted areas throughout lawn that were weighed down by.

The Calendar Will Set Up Guidelines For Establishment, Renovation, Dethatching, Cultivation, Irrigation, Fertility, And Weed.

Mowing at a lower height will encourage shallow rooting, which is less tolerant to drought and nematode pressure. It has no effect on seeds that have not yet germinated. Mow the grass at the height of 2.5 to 3 inches.

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